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7 Reasons why you should start blogging

7 Reasons why you should start blogging

7 Reasons why you should start blogging

Blogging is about sharing what you see, what you know, or what you want to see in the world. it’s about teaching others, what you have knowledge about you deliver to others and make them known about that topic. Blogging is a platform where you can share your own experiences with the huge audience.

1) It helps you write better

Many things have boosted my proficiency in writing over the year like reading books, writing articles, essay contests etc. But none of them has challenged me so consistently as blogging.

Writing is an art which comes better and better when it will be in practice. So don’t worry if you are poor at writing just start and you will notice after some time that you have progressed itself.

2) You can earn money through blogging

Blogging has become a great source of recurring income, So many bloggers in the world making millions of dollars yearly. You can get a huge income by placing some ads in between blog post or with affiliate marketing. Let’s time to turn your passion into profit. What are you waiting for? start now.

3) It boosts your creativity

Blogging forced you to be resourceful, to conceptualize and to create beautiful things which peoples love to hear from you. You imaging better, create ideas to share with the peoples. That’s how you will be an ideas machine.

7 Reasons why you should start blogging
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4) It will promote your art and hobby

We all have a thing which makes us special. Whether it can be your writing skill, drawing, painting, singing, photography etc, a blog can help you to promote it and to connect with massive audiences.

5) it helps in connecting with the audience

People are attracted towards things and places they get value from. When you start writing, people want to learn from you, they ask you, how you do this? You teach them as a teacher about blogging, writing content etc.

6) it makes you disciplined

Works in a regular interval are so hard for everyone, and it same for me also. But is I started, I have an incentive to show up, to write and publish to get the job done

7) it makes you feel happy.

If you love writing, start a blog because there’s no better feeling than getting paid to do what you would gladly do for free. It makes you feel happy. You would be able to share your own feelings throughout the world.


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