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How to create an Adsense account-Step by Step Procedure

How to create an Adsense account-Step by Step Procedure

How to create an Adsense account-Step by Step Procedure

Being a blogger or YouTuber, you have surely some ideas of Adsense program from Google. Because it is regarded as one of the best contextual advertisement programs among all available. If you are a beginner. You don’t know much about Google Adsense. Don’t worry because by the end of this post you will have a clear understanding what exactly Google Adsense is. How to start it.

In How to create an Adsense account-Step by Step Procedure post, I will explain how to create an AdSense account for your website. It is not so difficult.

This is a programme which of course belong to Google and if once you have a Google Adsense account you can easily integrate advertisement into your youtube videos or website. Once you put Google Adsense ads on your website you have a banner appearing whether in the header section, sidebar, and footer. Or you can put on several places on your website.

If you don’t know anything about AdSense. what is Adsense? What is the need of AdSense for bloggers? Then let me tell you. it is an advertisement program from Google for publishers. Which provides ads for placing on your blog, website. and if someone clicks on these ads you get paid.

There are many other online advertising companies are available but no matter what you will try. you will finally found that Adsense is the best among all.

In How to create an Adsense account-Step by Step Procedure post, who are not sure how to apply for AdSense? I present an essential guide for them.

There are many requirements for applying to Adsense which you must meet:

  • First of all, you need to have a website.
  • you must  18+.if not you can apply using guardians if they permit you.
  • You need a Gmail account.

For creating an Adsense account you have to follow some basics steps.
**And keep in mind that please provides correct information while filling the forms.

How to create an Adsense account-Step by Step Procedure:

1) First of all, go to the adsense.com

2) Click on sign up now.

apply for adsense step by step process

Now a new window will open. And you will see an option of sign in and create or use another account. if you want to create an account with your existing email address then click on sign in otherwise create or use another account.
*Note If you have a domain specific email addresses (admin/contact/support@domain.com), I suggest you use that to sign up for your AdSense account. Because the chances of getting your AdSense application approved is increased by 300%. If you don’t have then sign up with your existing email address.

3) Now put website details: Provide the required details and click on Save and continue. 

apply for adsense step by step process

Once you apply for the Adsense, Adsense will tell you to paste some code after header so just copy the code and paste it. Now you need to wait for 24 to 48 hours, Google will send you a reply on your registered mail id.

4) The fourth step is to fill Adsense contact information.
This is the most important part of the sign-up. Peoples make a couple of mistakes while filling this contact information application. So please guys fill it carefully.

**The  “payee name” is very important. Before filling ensure that to use the same name under which you have a bank account.

If you make mistake in payee name. It is going to very difficult for changing In many countries including India also.

To ensure your bank account name and payee name are exactly the same

  1. Next, add your contact information and fill in the other details and accept AdSense policies.
    # Read all the policies carefully and put a checkmark in all three boxes and submits now.# And Please ensure that all the details are accurate and up to date.If you have any quarries feel free to ask us in the comment section below. Share this post with your friends also.


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