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Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018

Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018

Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018:

We all know YouTube is the second most search engine after Google. In this Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018, I am going to suggest you some best SEO tips regarding “how to get more views on your YouTube channel”. I hope you like it. Approx 1,000,000,000 page views generate on YouTube per day and 300 hours of videos are uploaded every minute. It is like unbelievable to all but it is fact. Usually, you have seen on many other website or blogs they suggest you create YouTube videos to Getting huge traffic from search engine. I am 100% agree with them. Only to upload videos on YouTube is not much enough to make huge money, there should be also huge views keyword for more revenue. Think once why anyone going to watch your videos so don’t worry. It is quite simple. Only you have to follow some steps for Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018 mentioned below.


Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018
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  • You can use keyword research tools to find keywords.
  • The video title is the name of your video by which a person able to know that what is inside your video, having a title which perfectly matches to your video content will be very friendly to YouTube and also to the viewers.
  • Take advantage of the search engine auto-complete feature.


Here you can notice that I have typed only a few keywords and google is suggesting me to check all these results, this is Only because these are most searched words regarding my interested keywords, you will put the suggested keywords by Google as a title name of videos this will give you better ranking on the google search.


Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018

Write a short description in 2-3 line which covers the theme of your video and what is in the video. or it can also say that “Add a mini blog post” which describes the content of your videos, Use keywords and highlight them you can also use search engine auto-complete keyword phrases as your description. If the searched keyword is matching in first two line of your video description then the video will get the higher ranking.

3. Add your custom thumbnail

  • Capture the attention of folks as they scan through the YouTube screen results with a great thumbnail.
  • Choosing the right picture and adding some text just like a magazine.

4. Add subscribe Annotation 


Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018
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More subscribers more views so add subscribe annotation that asks your viewers to subscribe to every video, Take a time duration and add this annotation.

5. Use your blog to boost YouTube views

For an online business, a blog is a central hub. if you are a blogger then you can use your blog to post a link to your youtube videos. You always want your own main hub because you have full control over it. Sites like Twiter, Facebook change their rules usually. your own website blogs and embedding your videos on that site allows you to have more tools to serve your customer.

6. Add subscribe watermark

Using channel menu provided on the left side of YouTube site you can add a Branded watermark to all of your videos with a click of a button. When the user clicks on this watermark they can subscribe to your channel.

7. Share your videos on social sites

YouTube automatically provide you the option of Google+, Facebook, Twiter option for sharing. this will help you to get more organic traffic

8. Tagging and Keyword research for YouTube video.

Tags are another very important way to get higher ranking in youtube search. And here you will get few tips to put tags in your video-

  • List general tags:- Write general and matching keywords (For Example-  If your main keyword is “Motivational videos” then general tags can be “motivational video” “Educational videos” or ”motivational videos for Student”, and so on.).
  • Write your main keyword first because this will help you in getting a good rank.

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I hope Youtube SEO: Tips & Tricks In 2018 will help you, And if you wanna ask any question, then put it into the comment box. I will reply as soon as possible.


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