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Youtube Tips And Trick For Beginner

Youtube Tips And Trick For Beginner

Youtube Tips And Trick For Beginner Regarding Youtube channel

Some important Youtube Tips And Trick For Beginner which you should need to follow before applying for your channel:-

In order to upload your video content, you should have a Youtube channel. Every account on youtube is already attached to a Gmail account. Once you decided to operate this channel you have to work on this appearance, some technicalities such as how to use keywords for videos which help people to find your channel videos easily. It also included deciding and then design the entire look of your channel. Whole entire design should look more and more attractive and full of information so that once a people visited get impressed.

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While creating channel name one should take particular care about following:

  1. Choose the channel name, it should be taken such that it defines the whole i.e about what purpose your channel is or to which it is related.
  2. Always try to keep it short, meaningful and original.
  3.  Channel name should be easy to remember.

What should be the video quality?

 1. Nowadays people are interested in watching high resolution and smooth videos. You just need to understand what kind of videos meets the viewer’s demands otherwise they will lose their interest in your channel.

2. Sound quality should be also fine. it should be clear, noiseless and smooth.it should not be irritating.

3. You can take help of some other software like Picasa, video pad etc for editing videos.

4. Videos time duration should be 3-15 min otherwise viewers lose interest and moves to others channels.

5. Always try to create the last videos better than previous one.

6. Don’t be sad if your quality, in the beginning, is not awesome. You can do it better with practice as you learn about many new tools and techniques along the way. Make sure you should have good shooting equipment in the form of cameras, software for editing and mixing requirements.
Above explained all these things ensure that to successfully monetize your videos.

Minimum requirements for monetizing video On youtube:

Under the new eligibility requirements announced by youtube, Your youtube channel must be a new threshold of 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.


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Basically, a thumbnail is the small image which contains a description.so Always try to use a thumbnail in your videos so that it attracts the viewers. Use bold format, proper color combinations, attractive images. You can take help of other software like Picasa, Photoshop, and many more.


Always keep in mind you should not upload the others copied videos otherwise, your channel can be blocked permanently any time.

It does not mean that you can’t make money on youtube by uploading others videos but if a person claimed or two or more video is worldwide blocked then your lost some features to access on youtube for some time like monetize your videos.

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 Youtube Tips And Trick For Beginner will help you, And if you wanna ask any question, then put it into the comment box. I will reply as soon as possible.


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